Not For Sale

“Not for sale” the pop star repeated to that the journalist that was interviewing him. The woman symbol of the civil rights campaigns, standard bearer of the ideals of peace and universal love released the interview, sitting at a coffee table next to Giorgio and Jicky. They did not believe their eyes, nor their ears, let alone could they trust their sense of smell which perceived an admirable enactment. The opening notes of the perfume composed of ozone, bergamot and lavender, gave a feeling of honesty. Then, when it unveiled the notes of the heart, he took the shape of astonishment. An blend of cedarwood, vetiver and cloves conveyed a unequivocal sense of moral integrity. Finally, in the tail notes, white musk, oak moss and vanilla bourbon revealed the proud character of a woman. The icon of the Beat Generation said goodbye to them, before leaving. The two boys were incredulous, speechless. Around them, the only witness of the incredible encounter, was a perfume: Not for Sale, the essence of dignity.