“Love is the union of two spirits” Jicky said to Michelle, as they watched the stars, embraced inside the sleeping bag. After a while, they began to caress each other and when Jicky’s hand touched Michelle’s breasts, the words disappeared. Their bodies and spirits were united. Even their scents were united, giving rise to an extraordinary fragrance: Jimi, the scent of love.

In the romantic initial notes, shyness has the upper hand and it is hard to recognize the faint blend of rose, bergamot and verdello. Then, the notes of the heart come to life, strong and powerful. Leather, cedar, sandalwood and vetiver celebrate Jicky’s virility, while the intoxicating jasmine reveals the seductive femininity of Michelle. We could not miss patchouli at the tail end of the essence, since it is the essence more than anything else that accompanies the revolutionary spirit of the Beat Generation. Amber of Arabia, oak moss and tonka bean, complete the blend giving character and sensuality.